What $15k Worth of Gift Cards Look Like

Made two trips to Safeway and one trip to Target today to pick up a total of $15k worth of gift cards. Safeway is still running the 20% discount on the GAP Brand gift cards, so I’ll be visiting Safeway a few more times over the next few days.

This is what $15k worth of gift cards look like:

$15 Worth of Gift Cards

October and November have been very good months here at FPT Gift Box. I’ve raised quite a bit of money for the children’s fund which will be used to sponsor kids with severe medical condition or disability to a dream trip to Disneyland. The Disney gift cards will be used to pay for the Disneyland tickets which I also sell on the FPT Gift Box Store. The miles, points, and cashback earned from all the gift card purchases will help pay for the flights and hotels. I’ve earned over $5k worth of gas points, which I’ve also given away. I’m also giving away a number of GAP gift cards and BP gas gift cards to families in need. The forms will stay open until the end of the month if anyone wants to submit an entry. I’ll post my October summary report soon. Meanwhile, you can check out September 2015 report if you haven’t already.

That’s what “The FPT (5+2) Model” is all about – turning limited resources into abundance and blessings!

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  1. I suspect your profit margin on raise is going to dry up quickly.

    I’m moving large amounts and constantly lowering my price to sell. Wouldn’t surprise me if it is you and I lowering the price to unprofitability.

  2. Steve, trust me, it’s not me. There are many sellers on Raise as several people have emailed me already. The strategy is to sell at exactly or higher than the market rate. I’m not the one undercutting everyone. It benefits nobody when the price keeps going down. Also, patience pays off too because once the inventory goes down, rates will go back to about 7-8% discount.

  3. If the listing fee is 15 and you sell GAP at 12% discount you’re making a loss. How do you get this to work for a GAP card?

  4. 15% commission is non-bulk seller rate. Bulk sellers have a different commission rate that is adjusted according to volume. Also, I don’t sell the gift cards at 12% discount. I wait until the inventory drops, then sell at 7-8% discount. Key is patience and strategy. Slow and steady wins the race. 🙂

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