September 2015 Report

Wanted to share some data for the month of September.

Credit Card Applications

There were a number of credit cards (I manage 4 people’s accounts) acquired in August that I needed to meet the minimum spending requirements:

Credit Card Spending Requirement Sign Up Bonus / Credit Annual Fee
American Express Blue Cash Preferred $1,000 $250 $75
American Express Platinum $3,000 100,000 Membership Rewards points + $200 airline credit $450
American Express Starwood Preferred Guest $3,000 30,000 SPG points $0 (waived 1st year)
Bank of America Alaska Airlines Business $1 25,000 Alaska Airlines miles $75
Bank of America Travel Rewards  (x 2 cards) $1000 x 2 2 x $200 travel credit $0
Barclay Wyndham $2,000 45,000 Wyndham points $69
Citi AA Platinum (x 2 cards) $3,000 x 2 2 x 50,000 AA miles $0 (waived 1st year)
Chase United Mileage Plus Explorer $3,000 55,000 United miles $0 (waived 1st year)
TOTAL $20,001 $4,750* $669

* Estimated value of points using 1.5 cents/mile, 2 cents/SPG point, 1.5 cents/MR point, and 1 cent/Wyndham

Gift card purchases and sales


Since I buy and sell a lot of gift cards, it was relatively easy to meet the spending requirements for all the cards in a month. All the sign up bonuses and credits have posted, so in total, I’ve accumulated at least $4,750 worth of travel rewards/credit.

I bought and liquidated:

  • $25,000 Visa gift cards → unloaded most of them to 5 AMEX RedCards
  • $38,000 AMEX gift cards → used to acquire a number of gift cards for resell

I bought and sold:

  • $13,350 eBay gift cards
  • $7,038 Disneyland tickets and gift cards
  • $4,100 Southwest gift cards
  • $985 Disney World tickets
  • $500 Amazon gift cards


I don’t have much time to divulge the details of my earnings for now (and not sure I will in the future), but let’s just say most of the gift cards were sold at breakeven or slightly above/below the cost of purchase. However, when you tally up all the cashback, rebates, eBay Bucks, miles, points, and other bonuses, I’m averaging about 8-10% ROI. Since the money I used to acquire the gift cards is more or less liquidated and deposited right back in the bank account, the only costs are the annual fees which amount to about $669. It is likely the cashback/rebates I’ll be receiving in the future will offset the fees as well.

My vision in running this website/business is to take the proceeds, the extra gift cards/tickets, and the miles/points to sponsor kids with severe medical condition/disability to a dream trip to Disneyland!

That’s what “The FPT (5+2) Model” is all about – turning limited resources into abundance and blessings!

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