[EXPIRED] Save Over 90% on your Holiday Cards from Tiny Prints

Disclaimer: This post uses affiliate and referral links from Tiny Prints, Gilt City, and TopCashback.

Tiny Prints Cards smallUpdate (11/29): The Gilt City offer ended today but Groupon came out with a similar offer. Read this post for the latest details.

I just ordered our family holiday cards from Tiny Prints for a savings of over 80%! Gilt City is selling Tiny Prints vouchers for 50% off (limit one per customer). There’s a 30% new customer discount code for Gilt City. TopCashback is offering 15.9% cashback for Gilt City and 2.12% cashback for Tiny Prints. I also have a Tiny Prints friends and family code that gives a nice discount on stationary. Send me a message if you’re interested. I cannot post the code publicly. If you stack all these discounts and codes in the right order, you’re looking at a huge discount on your holiday cards. If you use my referral links, you could potentially be getting your holiday cards for free this year!

Here’s how you can save over 90% on your holiday cards:

  1. Sign up for the following accounts using my referral links to receive a bonus:
    • TopCashback: Receive $10 free cashback after your first purchase.
    • Gilt City: Receive $25 off your first purchase.
    • Tiny Prints: Receive 10 free holiday cards.
  2. Visit TopCashback and search for ‘Gilt City‘ to find the new customer offer which includes 30% off AND 15.9% cashback for your first purchase. Limit to new customers only. Existing customers only receive 5.3% cashback.
  3. [OFFER ENDED ALREADY] Visit Gilt City  and search for ‘Tiny Prints‘ to find the 50% discount offer. You can buy either a $50 for $25 voucher or $100 for $50 voucher. Limit one per customer. The voucher must be used in a single visit and any unused credit becomes void, so purchase only what you plan to use.
    For the $100 for $50 voucher, you’ll pay $35 if you use the ‘WELCOME30’ new customer discount or $25 if you use my Gilt City referral link. You’ll also receive $7.95 cashback from TopCashback!
  4. Visit Tiny Prints and create/customize your holiday cards. This step takes some time, so create your cards first and add to your shopping cart.
  5. Visit TopCashback and search for ‘Tiny Prints‘ to find the 2.12% cashback offer.
  6. Send me a message if you would like to use a Tiny Prints friends and family code. I cannot post it publicly. Offer expires 1/15/16.
  7. Go through the checkout process and enter the friends and family code in the Promotion Code field.
    Note: The Tiny Prints voucher from Gilt City cannot be combined with any other offer but it seems to work with the friends and family code.
  8. Enter your Tiny Prints voucher from Gilt City in the Promotion Code field. The voucher includes free standard shipping. Pay for any remaining balance with a credit card.
  9. Click Place Order to submit your order.

Here’s the math for $170 worth of holiday cards:

  • Gilt City
    • Cost of $100 Tiny Prints voucher: $50
    • Cost using ‘WELCOME30’ discount code: $50 x 0.7 = $35
    • Cost using my Gilt City referral link: $25
  • Tiny Prints
    • Total before discount: $170
    • Standard Shipping: $7.99
    • Total using F&F code: $170 x 0.60 = $102
    • Total paid by voucher: $100
    • Total paid by credit card: $102 – $100 = $2
  • TopCashback
    • 15.9% cashback for Gilt City from TCB: $50 x 15.9% = $7.95
    • 2.12% cashback for Tiny Prints from TCB: $102 x 0.0212 = $2.16
  • Total out of pocket = $25 + $2 – $7.95 – $2.16 = $16.89 → 90% savings!

If you include the $10 credit from TopCashback, you’re looking at getting $170 worth of holiday cards for less than $7! Now that’s what “The FPT (5+2) Model” is all about — getting more bang for the buck!

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  1. This would’ve been so great if I had seen it yesterday before I ordered our cards there!! Doh!

    • I didn’t get the full offer either but once I figured it all out, I wrote the post so others can benefit. I also acquired a number of vouchers in case people missed the Gilt City offer which just expired an hour ago. 🙂

  2. Would you still have any tiny prints friends and family codes? Thanks!

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