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Today, I took my 3 year old daughter on a date to Michaels to get some art supplies. Turned out there’s kids club on Saturday mornings at Michaels where you pay $2 for your child to make a themed art project (supplies included) while you shop! Wow, sure beats the ~$20/session art classes in my neighborhood!

I picked up a few art supplies which totaled about $24. I had a coupon for 25% off entire purchase so the total was about $18, which I paid with a Michaels gift card I got for 25% discount at Raise. That means my total out of pocket was only about $13!

Michaels Receipt
Cost for the items: $24
25% off coupon: $6
Subtotal (amount deducted from the gift card): $24 – $6 = $18*
* For simplicity sake, I didn’t include any sales tax

Gift card discount + cashback
25% discount on Michaels gift card: $18 x 0.25 = $4.5
2% cashback credit card used to purchase the gift card: $18 x 0.02 = $0.36
2% portal cashback from TopCashback for purchases on $18 x 0.02 = $0.36
Total out of pocket = $18 – $4.5 – $0.36 – $0.36 = $12.78  → That’s a 47% savings!

I could have saved even more if I had purchased items that were on sale but everything I bought was regularly priced.

Here’s how you can save at least 40% at Michaels:

  1. Sign up for a TopCashback (referral link) account to receive $10 free cashback.
  2. Sign up for a (referral link) account if you don’t already have one and receive $5 towards your first gift card.
  3. Use TopCashback to link to Raise and buy your Michaels gift card. Pay with a cashback or point earning credit card. Most of the time, Michaels gift cards are selling for about 20% discount, but every few weeks, Raise runs an extra 5% promotion during the weekend. (Note: Raise sells only physical gift cards for Michaels, so expect 1-2 weeks to receive the gift card in the mail.
  4. Go to, click Weekly Ad and look for “This week’s coupon”. There’s always a 40% or 50% off any one regularly priced item. Occasionally, you’ll see 25% off entire purchase including sales item. This is where you figure out which coupon saves more. You can either print out the coupon or save the coupon/image to your phone (take a screenshot or just bookmark the page).
  5. Go to the Michaels store and during check out, show the cashier the discount coupon first, then pay the total with a Michaels gift card.


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