Save 20% at BP Gas Station

eBay is selling $100 BP gas gift card for only $95. I’m not sure how long the offer will last but there’s a limited quantity available. If you pay for the gas card with eBay gift cards (which I sell on the Store page) and use a shopping portal to link to eBay, you can save almost 20% on gas!

Here’s how you save almost 20% on gas:

  1. Add $100 BP gas gift card(s) (limit 3 per person) to your eBay shopping cart.
  2. Enroll in the eBay Bucks program to receive 2% rebate on eligible eBay purchases.
  3. Buy some discount $50 eBay gift cards from my Store page. Use the discount code ‘FPTGIFTBOX’ during checkout for $5 off your first order (minimum of $100).
  4. Sign up for a TopCashback (referral link) account to receive $10 free cashback.
  5. Use TopCashback to link to eBay to receive 1% cashback.
    Note: There’s a higher payout (5% cashback) from InBox Dollars but I don’t use it. I received too much spam and cancelled my account there.
  6. Go to your shopping cart to check out. Enter the eBay gift card code(s) in the gift cards, coupons, eBay Bucks section. You’ll need to log in to your PayPal account to complete the order.

Here’s the math for 3 x $100 BP gas cards:

  • eBay BP GC discount: 3 x $95 BP Gas card = $285
  • FPT eBay GC discount (4% + 2% + $5):  (6 x $48 eBay gift card) x 0.98 – $5 = $277.24
  • TopCashback: $10 + ($285 x 0.01) = $12.85
  • eBay Bucks: $285 x 0.02 = $5.7
  • Total out of pocket = $277.24 – $12.85 – $5.7 – $15* = $243.69 → almost 20% savings on gas!

* The last $15 deduction is because you’ll have $15 left on one of the eBay gift cards. Save it for your next eBay purchase. Use this link to track which gift card still has a balance. These gas card deals come around every few weeks on eBay so it’s a good idea to have some eBay gift cards on hand.

This is what “The FPT (5+2) Model” is all about  — saving money on everyday spending while helping sick kids!

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