Requesting Hyatt Diamond Status Match

Saw from One Mile At A Time and Miles to Memories that Hyatt is offering Diamond Status match. You can send a direct message via Twitter to @HyattConcierge showing proof of your elite status with other hotel chains.

Programs that work for the match:

  • SPG Gold/Platinum
  • IHG Spire/Platinum
  • Hilton Gold/Diamond
  • Marriott Gold/Platinum

I’ve been travel hacking for just over a year now and have earned/accumulated almost 2 million miles and points from various airlines and hotels. I checked my hotel programs and saw that I have SPG Gold and IHG Spire, with lots of points in both accounts!

SPG Gold with over 165k points!

SPG Gold

IHG Spire with over 70k points (after using 70k this past weekend)!

IHG Spire

I have one of the highest statuses with these two programs and I think I’ve only paid for one stay at SPG and one stay at IHG, both for business trips to NYC. Most of the points were earned from sign up bonuses, referrals, and credit card charges! I’ll have some more points that will be posted in December due to all my gift card purchases for FPT Gift Box this month (see here, here, here, here, and here).

I’ll need to do some end of the year reporting and write-up for the number of points I’ve earned with SPG and other award programs this year. With SPG, I think it’s at least 250k! With IHG, I can see on the screenshot that I’ve earned 229k points this year! That’s already half a million points between just two award programs. I didn’t even include United, AA, Alaska, AMEX Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, and Barclay travel credit! If only my bank accounts have that many number of digits! I did however earn $1,200 from Discover for opening 6 bank accounts!

Points for a Cause

With all these points, what do I do with them? My husband and I don’t travel as much as we’d like to. We have two young kids and traveling is a bit stressful for us due to dietary restrictions (gluten, eggs, dairy, tomatoes, nuts). I’m barely using my miles/points, and anyone in the miles/points game know it’s a bad idea to hoard points due to frequent program devaluations.

Disneyland.jpgThat’s why I started FPT Gift Box because I want to use these miles/points for a good cause. It doesn’t take me much to earn them (see “The FPT (5+2) Model”) but I can really make a difference in someone else’s life if I channel my creative energy in the right direction.

That said, if you know of any child with severe medical condition and/or disability, please reach out to me. FPT Gift Box’s vision is to send 5,000 such kids (and their family) to the happiest place on earth (aka Disneyland). Hopefully, I’ll be able to feature some of these stories in future posts. Planning takes a long time since many of the children/families I have been in contact with are in no condition to be traveling at this time.

Well, that was a tangent from what this post was originally about. Hopefully @HyattConcierge will get back to me on Twitter (@fptgiftbox) to let me know if I will be upgraded to Hyatt Diamond status. I don’t know what I’m going to do with the status upgrade since I don’t have any travel plans other than an Aulani trip in December that has already been paid for with gift cards and Avios points. I’ll have to do some research to see if the Diamond Status benefits can be transferred/used by others. That would be nice!

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  1. ummmm…. Susan, think you should re-do this post…. say, with a few details on how the diamond status match is supposed to be working, the confusion, which status programs (exactly) are matching exactly. (hyatt “spire” vs. mere “elite”)

    Oh, and next time you do so, could you spare us another post with 85% focused on you, on how wonderful you’ve done in less than a year. Keep to the subject line, puhleaaze.

    • Escot, I’ve linked to two articles in the beginning where you can read detailed posts already written by other more well know travel hackers. There’s no need to rewrite or copy the same thing here. I follow many travel bloggers and most of them write the same thing whenever there’s some news about a new card offer, bonus, benefit, etc. And then they include lots of credit card affiliate links. Some sites make a lot of money doing so and have a whole team of blog contributors so they can keep the travel hacking community updated with the latest. That’s not my goal with FPT Gift Box. I travel hack for a different reason, during my spare time, and don’t promote credit cards other than what I’ve been able to do with them. So my focus is about what I’m doing and what I plan to do with my points and miles. For more educational blogs that focus on the details of the offers, check out Thepointsguy, Millionmilesecrets, Onemileatatime, Milestomemories, Pointswithacrew, Doctorofcredit, etc.

    • It’s her blog, she can write about whatever she wishes and you don’t pay her for content and frankly you come across as an ass. She also gave links in the post for additional info. It amazes me how some people feel they are wasting their time reading a post, then waste more time to express themselves in a comment. Bizarre people. Keep on writing Susan!

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