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FPT Gift Box – “The FPT (5+2) Model” is all about finding seriously discounted items and reselling them on the FPT Gift Box Store.  eBay is a huge part of that strategy because you can buy many items on eBay at a huge discount simply by:

  1. Enrolling in the eBay Bucks program to receive at anywhere from 2-10% rebate on eligible eBay purchases.
  2. Using a portal cashback like TopCashback (referral) to receive 1% cashback.
    Note: There’s a higher payout (5% cashback) from InBox Dollars but I don’t use it. I received too much spam and cancelled my account there.
  3. Using discounted eBay gift cards to pay for the items.

With regards to the first step, you can receive 2-10% rebate on eligible eBay purchases by simply enrolling in the eBay Bucks program. The default is 2% rebate, but if you opt-in to receive email promotions from eBay, you’ll receive targeted offers up to 10% rebate every few weeks! When those 10% rebate comes around, you can get at least 25% discount on most items on eBay! That’s an incredible discount on everything from smartphones to laptops to cameras to gift cards! This is how I was able to buy a brand new iPad Air 2 64GB for $250 while the device is selling for $599 + tax at the Apple Store!

Here’s how you opt-in to receive the targeted eBay Bucks offer:

  1. Sign in to your eBay account.
  2. Go to the My Account settings page.
    account settings
  3. Click Communication Preferences from the left navigation.
  4. Scroll all the way down and find Promotions and Surveys. Click Show.
  5. Check the General email promotions box and click Save.

Once you’ve opt-in to receive the email promotions, you’ll start receiving targeted eBay Bucks offer. These offers come around every few weeks and usually lasts for two days. Meanwhile, you do receive A LOT of spam. One way to combat this is to set up a filter in your email inbox. In Gmail, you can add a label and skip the inbox for all emails from eBay except if it contains the keywords “eBay Bucks.” You can also follow Doctor of Credit who usually updates his readers when these offers come around. You may or may not have received the targeted offer, but you can check your filtered box to see if you’ve been targeted.

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