October 2015 Report

This post is long overdue! It’s almost the end of November and I’m just getting around to looking at my numbers for October. I thought to highlight a few interesting stats.

Gift card purchases and sales

I bought and liquidated:

  • $41,860 Gap / Old Navy / Banana Republic gift cards
  • $34,001 Target gift cards
  • $25,000 Visa gift cards → unloaded most of them to 5 AMEX RedCards before Target stopped all debit load.
  • $21,887 Disney gift cards
  • $16,341 eBay gift cards and goods
  • $8,500 AMEX gift cards → mostly from the $10 off $200 AMEX Offer (see part 1 and part 2) which I used to buy a number of discount Gap gift cards for resell
  • $9,548 Disneyland tickets
  • $6,600 Southwest gift cards
  • $2,800 Amazon gift cards
  • $2,284 Disney World tickets

I didn’t include gift cards that had less than $1k in sales. In total, I manufactured, sold, and/or liquidated over $169k worth of gift cards in October!

Miles, Points, and Cashback

My last set of credit card applications was in August and I posted all the sign up bonuses in the September report. For October, I didn’t earn very much miles and points since I mainly used cashback credit cards (Discover It Miles & Barclay Arrival Plus) to buy the bulk of my gift cards.

American Airlines 273
British Avios (part 1, part 2, part 3) 14,400
United Airlines 28,465
Starwood Preferred Guest 2,040
Chase Ultimate Rewards 2,500
AMEX Membership Rewards 2,648
Credit card cashback $1,494
AMEX Offers $200
Portal cashback (TopCashback, eBates) $524
eBay Bucks $241
Safeway Fuel Rewards 118,580
Profits from selling gift cards and goods $2,362
TOTAL  Over $3,700 in value* $4,622

* Estimated value based on valuation of 1.5 cents/miles, 2.5 cents/SPG, 1.5 cents/UR, 1.5 cents/MR, and 118 gas fill ups at $1/gallon savings for 25 gallons

I didn’t include any earnings from daily spend. All these miles, points, and cashback are solely from manufactured spending and buying/selling gift cards for FPT Gift Box. I’d say it’s a pretty good month!

Vision for FPT Gift Box

Disneyland.jpgMy vision for FPT Gift Box is to take the proceeds, the extra gift cards/tickets, and the miles/points to sponsor kids with severe medical condition/disability to a dream trip to Disneyland! My long-term vision is to send 5,000 kids to Disneyland. That seems impossible considering a trip to Disneyland could easily cost over $2k per family. At this rate, It would take several lifetimes for me to hit 5,000! But somehow, it’s going to happen. I don’t know how but I believe in miracles and I like to dream big. Opportunities often land on my lap without me looking. I often get lucky. Synchronicity happens frequently with me being at the right place at the right time. Maybe I’ll get a few people to join me in my efforts. Maybe the airlines, hotels, and even Disney will donate some miles, points, and tickets! Who knows? ANYTHING is possible!

And that’s exactly what “The FPT (5+2) Model” is all about – turning limited resources into abundance and blessings!

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  1. Did you sell all of these on Raise? What is the average commission taken by raise as a bulk seller?

    • Most of the Gap and eBay gift cards were sold on Raise. The rest I sold elsewhere. Bulkseller rate is determined by merchant and volume so there’s a huge range but could be anywhere from 7-13% depending on the popularity of the cards. I think the lowest include Home Depot, Lowes, eBay, Nordstrom, Target, etc if you can move high volume.

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