MacBook Pro 13.3" (MD101LL/A) for only $610

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5x eBay Bucks OfferI’ve posted a few times about how you can get some serious discounts on eBay by stacking Daily Deals, discount eBay gift cards, shopping portals, targeted eBay Bucks offer, and other promotions. It’s how I got a $350 LEGO set for only $195, paid $250 for an iPad Air 2 64GB, and saved at least 20% on gas!

Here’s how:

  • eBay gift cards – you can always buy eBay gift cards at 3-10% discount! I’ve been able to acquire them at about 10-12% discount while paying with a credit card that earns 3% cashback (Discover It Miles).
  • eBay Bucks – you can always get 2% rebate on eBay purchases, and if you opt-in to receive promotional emails, you can get up to 10% rebate.
  • shopping portals – most shopping portals offer 1% cashback on eBay. I use TopCashback.

5x eBay Bucks Offer & Daily Deals

eBay Daily DealsThe last two days, I got a targeted offer for 5x eBay Bucks which is equivalent to 10% rebate on almost all eBay purchases! I seem to receive these targeted offers every few weeks and 5x is the king of all deals. When stacked with Daily Deals and discount gift cards, you can easily get 30-50% discount on many items.

I bought one MacBook Pro 13.3″, two iPad Air 2 64GB, a few LEGO sets, and a few merchant gift cards (e.g., Lowes and Michael’s). I plan to sell most items but will keep the Michael’s gift cards because I love to do arts and crafts with my kids. It’s how I’m able to save at least 40% every time I go to Michael’s to buy art supplies.

The Daily Deal offer for the brand new MacBook Pro 13.3″ (MD101LL/A) was $799.99! The same laptop is selling for $1099 + tax at the Apple Store and $920 on Amazon. I was able to snag one for about $610 out of pocket and when I tried to buy a second one, they were all sold out! I’ll have to wait for the next eBay Bucks offer and hopefully, will see the same MacBook deal again. I bought the same laptop a few weeks ago at 4x eBay Bucks offer, so it was a little more out of pocket ($625). This time around, the 5x eBay Bucks lowered my out of pocket cost down to $610!

macbookproHere’s how I paid $610 for the MacBook Pro 13.3″:

  • eBay daily deal: $799.99
  • Paid via eBay gift cards (10%): $799.99 * 0.9 = $719.99 charged to my Discover Card
  • Discover cashback (3%): $719.99 x 0.03 = $21.6
  • eBay Bucks targeted offer (5x = 10%): $799.99 x 0.1 = $80
  • TopCashback (1.1%): $799.99 x 0.011 = $8.80
  • Total out of pocket: $719.99 – $21.6 – $80 – $8.80 = $609.59 → almost 50% discount from the Apple Store!!

* Discover It Miles offers 1.5% cashback and I’ll receive double cashback at the end of the first year.

That is an absolutely AMAZING deal. I sold both MacBooks for $800 each and made a profit of $365 which will go towards FPT Gift Box‘s vision of sending 5,000 sick kids to Disneyland. It’s a win-win. People get good deals buying from me and I can raise some money to help kids while having fun doing some extreme gift-carding.

That’s what “The FPT (5+2) Model” is all about – turning limited resources into abundance and blessings!

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