iPad Air 2 64GB for $250!

I can’t remember the last time I bought a gadget. I think it might have been 2011 when I bought an iPad (2nd gen) because hubby’s boss said he could expense one if he wanted it. So of course I ordered one but afterwards, he felt guilty about expensing something he has no use for at work. So we ended up paying for the iPad out of pocket. (GASP!)

Fast forward 4 years and a few drops. The iPad is still working fine but the battery life is about an hour and the volume button no longer works. The kids watch about 30 min of videos a day but that’s about it. We try to minimize screen time/tablet usage, so I didn’t care to buy a new tablet… BUT today I made an impulse purchase for an iPad Air 2 64GB from Staples because I got a targeted 4x eBay bucks offer.

ebaybucksThis is my version of extreme couponing:

  1. Bought 6.5% discounted Target gift cards from Raise.com (referral link) using a 3% cashback credit card (Discover Miles).
  2. Used the Target gift cards and RedCard to get another 5% discount on eBay gift cards.
  3. Went to eBay via a 5% cashback portal and bought $500 worth of Staples gift cards at 15% discount. Also earned 4x eBay Bucks (8% rebate).
  4. Went to Staples.com via United shopping portal (3x miles) and bought the iPad for $449 + tax because there’s a $150 discount this week. Also earned 5% Staples Rewards.

Working backwards, this is the math:
$488 Staples gift cards = $415 eBay gift cards = $394 Target gift cards = $368 actual charge to my Discover card.

Meanwhile, I earned:

  • $22 Staples Rewards
  • 1464 United miles (~$20 value)
  • $39 eBay Bucks
  • $11 Discover cashback
  • $25 portal cashback

All these will convert to cash, so the iPad was really only $250 out of pocket (vs $655 at the Apple Store). Wow! That’s “The FPT (5+2) Model“! I was thinking about selling the iPad but maybe I just might keep it. This one should last until the kids go to college. 64GB is quite an upgrade! I don’t think I’ve ever purchased anything that wasn’t the bare minimum.

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  1. I’m not sure how to set up a website. Lol…

  2. Hi, thank you for the insights! great great info you have here. How did you get the 5% off with the target gift cards and redcard (debit card?) Did you split the payment? Thank you

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