Got $454 eBay Bucks last quarter

eBay Bucks CertificateI received an email today that I got $454.42 eBay Bucks Certificate for July 1-September 30! I wanted to maximize the amount of eBay Bucks I can earn per quarter ($500), but I had already hit my limit  of $5000 eBay gift cards over 180 days. Now I have $450 to use towards my next eBay purchase!

FPT Gift Box — “The FPT (5+2) Model” is all about finding seriously discounted items and reselling them on the Store page. The proceeds are then used to sponsor sick kids to a trip to Disneyland.

eBay is a huge part of that strategy. That’s because I’ve been able to acquire eBay gift cards at near 15% discount! In addition, if you enroll in the eBay Bucks program, you’ll also get at least 2% rebate (eBay Bucks) on most eBay items. If you subscribe to their promotional emails (aka spam), you’ll receive targeted offers of 2-5x eBay Bucks (4-10% rebate) every few weeks!  You add credit card cashback, portal cashback, seller discounts, and other misc coupons to the equation, you’re looking at getting 30-50% discount on most eBay items! That is how I paid about $250 for an iPad Air 2 64GB. It’s $599 + tax at the Apple Store!

In future posts, I’ll share some strategies with everyone so you can can also follow “The FPT (5+2) Model,” learn how to shop on eBay, and get some serious discounts on everyday items like gas cards, popular store gift cards, electronic gadgets, computers, cameras, and even LEGO sets!

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