Giveaway: Gap Brand Gift Cards (Part 2)

Gap Gift CardsOver the past few months, I bought and sold over $100k worth of Gap gift cards because Safeway had a 20% off deal.  Along the way, I also earned over 100k British Avios points, made a small profit on the gift cards, and earned over $5k worth of free gas.

Most of the proceeds will go towards FPT Gift Box’s vision of helping kids with severe medical condition or disability and sending them to the happiest place on earth (aka Disneyland). I kept a number of Gap gift cards that I wanted to give to people in need during the holiday season, so last month, I posted a giveaway for $500 worth of Gap Brand gift cards. On the entry form, I asked people who the gift card is for and why. I received over 75 entries. Some people submitted an entry for themselves and some on behalf of others (family, friends, neighbor, coworker, etc.) who could use some extra help this winter.

I’ve reviewed all the entries and have sent out the Gap gift cards to the following people:

  • Jackson (Fremont, CA) – Jackson is a father of 3 young girls who was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. The family is in for a long journey with lots of medical expenses while on limited income as Jackson is unable to work while undergoing treatment.
  • Garcia family (Santa Clara, CA) – Wife and mother of 3 girls recently passed away after a battle with cancer.
  • Anthony (San Jose, CA) – Anthony teaches a leadership development to a group of high school youths. They’re working on a project to raise awareness and help collect socks/toiletries/clothing for the homeless. This is a social justice project that allows students to not only do charity work, but to also meet face to face with the people they are serving.
  • Elisa (CA) – Elisa and her husband are foster parents to three young kids (siblings). They also have a biological son. Recently, they had a carpet bug infestation in their apartment and had to throw away almost all their clothing, bedding, linens, furniture, stuff animals, and more.
  • Amy (SF, CA) – Amy is a single mom of two young girls. She’s attending college, working part-time, while taking care of her two young ones.
  • Ella (Afred, ME) – Ella is a 3 year old little girl who was recently afflicted with Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome caused by a serious E. coli infection. A silent auction took place a few weeks ago to raise money to help her parents pay for medical expenses. More about Ella in a different blog post. Visit her GoFundMe page if you’d like to help the family.
  • Noel (Cambodia) – Noel is a five year old from Cambodia who was abandoned by his family due to a special medical condition. He was recently adopted by a lovely American family. Noel will be visiting the U.S. for the first time in December.
  • Allison (SF) – Allison’s family (including two young boys) will be participating in Angel Tree Christmas this year. Angel Tree brings volunteers to help meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the families of those who have been incarcerated.
  • Katie (Cumming, Iowa) – Katie is doing a coat drive to help provide warm clothing (coats, gloves, hats, scarves) to families in need.
  • Kim (San Ramon, CA) – Kim adopted several families through the Salvation Army Adopt A Family and Harbor House Ministries for Christmas. Both programs provide opportunities for volunteers to help families in need with gifts during Christmas time.

Feel free to send positive thoughts, prayers, and love their direction. If you want to make a donation or contribution to any of these people/families, please contact me directly.

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One Comment

  1. Well, nice for the folks who received the cards….. Ok, “positive” thoughts for them. Yet as for the rest of us, I submit that your 5+2 model is pressed down, shaken, and broken.

    You boast that you, one person, managed to sell over 100K of just one gift card brand in a month– Well congratulations! And in the process, you managed to kill the golden goose. (100k, I suspect, is about half the current flooded inventory of Gap gift cards that aren’t selling — at least from what we can see via giftcardgranny. )

    For the rest of us, even if we get power seller status, (a joke at anyway, given how slow and overwhelmed Raise staff have become), trying to sell Gap/Old Navy cards has become a grotesque waste of time (and a money loser)

    Maybe give you a super discount — given how much money you’ve made for them, and the suckers you’ve persuaded to try it. (like me) But for the rest of us, the model is broken.

    ps, a cynic/accountant might also note that giving away cards for charity would be a good year end tax deduction too — and might save/earn more for gamers than you’d make trying to sell the Gap cards presently on the open, low volume market. (severely flooded as it currently is) And yes, despite your protestations to the contrary, I doubt you’re running, technically, a non-profit operation.

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