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Cinemark Movie TicketLast year, I wrote about how I bought 12 Cinemark Movie Tickets for only $22. That amazing deal was from taking advantage of an AMEX offer for $20 off $20 at I bought a number of movie tickets and Disney gift cards that cost me very little.

Since then, I’ve given away half the movie tickets and used up the rest, so I was thinking about how I’d get more at a discount. Then I remembered I have a few Walmart gift cards from another more recent AMEX offer for $15 off $35 at That offer was extremely targeted. Of the 40+ AMEX credit cards I have, I found the offer targeted to only 3 cards! It’s not clear how AMEX targets these offers, but the 3 cards were all AMEX SPG cards. I don’t know why my other SPG cards didn’t get the offer.

Walmart gift cardsIn any case, I registered for and used the AMEX offer to purchase 3 x $35 Walmart gift cards. The $15 statement credit per card posted immediately, so it was essentially paying $60 for $105 Walmart gift cards. That’s a 43% discount!

After I received the gift cards, I added them to my inventory and didn’t think much about what to do with them since I never shop at Walmart. Most of the time, I flip the gift cards I buy heavily discounted and sell them on FPT Gift Box Store and/or other forsale groups, then donate the proceeds. But with such a small amount on the Walmart gift cards, I decided to keep them. It’s always nice to have a few gift cards on hand to use or give away when in need.

Today, I was just thinking about buying more movie tickets, so I went through my inventory to see if there was anything I could use to acquire discounted movie tickets. I found the Walmart gift cards and saw on the back that I can use them on! I went online and purchased 6 of the 2 x Adult Cinemark Tickets for a total of $101.88. I didn’t need a Sam’s Club membership for the movie tickets and shipping was free. I used all three Walmart gift cards and still have $3.88 left on one card. I also used Topcashback to link to, so I’ll be getting 4% (or $4) cashback.


  • Walmart gift cards
    • Total credit card charges: 3 x $35 = $105
    • Total AMEX statement credit: 3 x $15 = $45
    • Total out of pocket cost: $105 – $45 = $60
  • Cinemark movie tickets from
    • Total at checkout: 6 x $16.98 = $101.88 paid via Walmart gift cards
    • Total remaining on one gift card: $105 – $101.88 = $3.88
    • Topcashback (4%): $101.88 x 0.04 = $4.08
  • Total out of pocket cost for the 12 movie tickets = $60 – $3.88 – $4.08 = $52.04  –> That’s $4.33 per ticket!

Giving away four FREE movie tickets

I will be giving away 4 movie tickets, so 1) subscribe to my blog (top right of the website) and 2) fill out the entry form below. Deadline to submit an entry is Saturday 3/12 11:59pm. I’ll randomly pick two winners — each winner will receive a pair of tickets. Make sure to use the same email for both forms and I’ll reach out to the winners via email at the end of the week.

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