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Amazon VideoIf you have an Amazon Prime membership, there’s a trick to getting lots of free credits towards eBooks, digital music, and movie rentals. If you are planning to order multiple items, what you do is check out one item at a time. During checkout, select the FREE No-Rush Shipping option and you’ll receive $1 credit towards your choice of digital media. Do the same for all the items you want to order, and you can easily accumulate enough credit for a free movie rental (usually $3-4). The credit is applicable towards movie purchase as well.

Amazon No Rush Shipping

Multiple items ordered within a day or two are grouped and shipped together, so you don’t have to worry about receiving multiple packages. Granted, you might receive them a week later instead of two days, but if you don’t mind waiting, this is a great way to watch lots of new releases (typically not available through Prime Video) for free.

Check Your Credit Balance and Expiration

If you’re not sure how much credit you have, use this page to check your digital credit balance.

Amazon digital credit balance

There’s an expiration on these promotional credits, which is about 2 months after they are issued. You can find the expiration date in the email confirmation regarding your promotional credit.


Amazon Promotional Credit Email

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