AMEX Shop Small for over 35% Discount off Our Favorite Restaurant!

Shop SmallThis year’s American Express Small Business offer is different from the previous years. Last year, all my American Express cards had the offer to receive 3 x $10 statement credit for supporting a small business.

This year, only a few American Express credit cards were targeted to receive a statement credit for supporting a small business. Of the 35 American Express credit cards I have (I manage 4 people’s accounts, each with a few authorized users), only 7 of my cards had the Shop Small offer. Five cards had the “Spend $100 or more, get $20 back” offer (all my AMEX SPG Business and Premier Gold cards) and two cards had the “Spend $10 or more, get $10 back” offer (regular SPG cards). I used the multiple tabs method to add the Shop Small offer to all 7 cards.

AMEX Shop Small

Today, I stopped by the restaurant we frequent the most (Asian Box) to take advantage of the AMEX Shop Small offer. We eat at Asian Box at least once a week because it’s practically the only safe restaurant we can eat out at as a family. Both my husband and daughter have severe food allergies (gluten, dairy, egg, nuts, shellfish) so we have very limited options for eating out. Asian Box is a completely gluten-free restaurant. The rest is easy to avoid since all their ingredients are fresh, prepared separately, and added on the spot (think Chipotle but Asian style).

Asian Box

Since Asian Box sells gift cards, I decided that this was the best way to use up my AMEX Shop Small offer. It’s also a way to show how much we love their food, service, and business model (fresh, delicious, transparency, sustainability, etc.) by supporting them. I was able to get an additional 10% corporate discount on the gift cards, so I bought five $115 gift cards, each paid for by a different American Express credit card. In addition, Asian Box applies the 10% corporate discount when I dine there so I get to double dip! The $ 575 worth of gift cards will get us $638 worth of food!

Here’s the math:

  • Gift cards @ 10% discount: 5 x $115 x 0.9 = $517.5 (charged $103.50 on each AMEX card)
  • AMEX Shop Small statement credit: 5 x $20 = $100
  • Points earned:
    • Membership rewards: 1 x $103.5 = 103 (worth ~$1.50)
    • SPG: 4 x $103.5 = 414 (worth ~$10)
  • 10% corporate discount: $575 / 0.90 = $638 worth of food
  • Total out of pocket: $517.5 – $100 – $1.50 – $10 = $406 → That’s a savings of 36% dining at our favorite restaurant!

That is such a great deal! We won’t have any problems using up the $575 of gift cards. Asian Box caters too so if we ever have to host a party, we’ll be sure to cater the food from Asian Box since we can’t have pizzas or sandwiches.

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