AMEX Offer: $10 off $10 Hulu

HuluPlusAmerican Express is currently running a $10 off $10 Hulu offer. The offer expires on 4/30/2016, so there’s still plenty of time to enroll in this offer if you watch a lot of shows on Hulu.

You can find the offer when you log in to your American Express account and scroll to the bottom of the page. First, add the offer to your American Express credit card, then use the card to pay for your monthly subscription or buy a Hulu gift card.

If you have more than one AMEX card, use the multiple tab trick to add the offer to all your cards. This is important because once you add the offer to a card, the same offer will disappear from your other cards unless a tab was already opened with that offer infront of you.

AMEX Offer Hulu

Hulu Subscription

There are two different subscriptions available on Hulu – the $7.99/month with limited commercials and the $11.99/month without commercials. According to Doctor of Credit, the offer works cumulatively, so if you subscribe to the $7.99 plan, then the $10 credit will be triggered and posted after the second month. You’re looking at paying $5.98 for two months of subscription. If you subscribe to the $11.99/month plan, then the $10 credit will be triggered and posted immediately. You’re paying $1.99 for the subscription the first month.

Hulu Subscription

Hulu Gift Cards

You  can also buy Hulu gift card to give away or use in the future. The minimum amount you can purchase is $15, so with the $10 AMEX credit, you’re paying $5 out of pocket for the $15 gift card. That’s a 66% discount!

Hulu Gift Card Purchase

Buying and Selling Gift Cards

This was an easy offer and took minimal effort to complete as everything was done online. This is what I call pajama money. You can do this anytime anywhere to save money or make a little money.

The Hulu offer was targeted to 35 of my AMEX cards, so I registered all 35 cards and bought 35 x $15 gift cards. Hulu delivered the digital gift cards immediately although I did run into a problem where the site seemed to limit purchase of gift cards to about 4-5, either per account or per day, not sure which. The site just wouldn’t let me buy any more after I reached the limit. So, I created multiple Hulu accounts and bought all the gift cards I needed.

Selling was also easy. I sold all 35 gift cards for $10 each (33% discount). I posted in a few forsale groups online and the gift cards sold very quickly. I probably could have sold for more than $10, but since this was a small offer, I wanted to sell fast. Most people bought a few gift cards. One person bought 10! With the AMEX credit, I made a profit of $5 per card plus points or cashback for using an AMEX card.


  • Total credit card charges: 35 x $15 Hulu gift cards = $525
  • Total AMEX credits: 35 x $10 = $350
  • Total out of pocket cost: $525 – $350 = $175
  • Total received from selling the gift cards: 35 x $10 = $350
    • Total cash profit = $350 – $175 = $175
    • Total points earned from the credit card:
      • Blue Cash: 13 x $15 x 1% = $1.95
      • Costco: 2 x $15 x 1% = $0.30
      • Platinum: 5 x $15 x 1 MR = 75 points
      • SPG: 13 x $15 x 1 SPG = 195 SPG points

Vision for FPT Gift Box

disneylandMy vision for FPT Gift Box is to take the proceeds from the gift card sales, extra gift cards (if any), and the miles/points to sponsor kids with severe medical condition/disability to a dream trip to Disneyland! The money made from this Hulu isn’t much compared to the other AMEX offers I’ve done (see Airbnb, AMEX gift cards, Sam’s Club for example), but it’s enough to buy one 2-Day 1-Park Disneyland ticket! If you know of a child with a severe medical condition or disability and want to make their Disneyland dream come true, please send me a message!

That’s what “The FPT (5+2) Model” is all about – turning limited resources into abundance and blessings!

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  1. Hello
    do you mind sharing where do you sell the Hulu egiftcard?

    • You can find various forsale sites/listings online like Craigslist, Facebook, at work, etc. These are all P2P sites so there’s no third party to back the buyer/seller but there’s also no commission. Once you establish a reputation in your groups/communities for selling discount items, it’s much easier to sell things.

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