FPT Gift Box is a social enterprise project that’s all about “The FPT (5+2) Model.”

What is “The FPT (5+2) Model”?

FPT Gift Box IconThe “FPT” which stands for “Five Plus Two” alludes to the story of how Jesus fed 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish. Jesus also told a story about three men and what they each did with their five, two, and one bags of gold, respectively. The man with the five bags and the man with the two bags doubled their gold. The man with the one bag buried it and did nothing.

To put the two stories mathematically:

  • Example 1: 5 + 2 = 5,000
  • Example 2: 5 + 2 = 14

How exactly do you “feed 5,000 people” with 5+2 of something? How do you double your money? Well, one thing for sure — don’t bury your “talent” (pun intended) and not do anything with it!

Inspired by these stories, FPT Gift Box is about one person’s journey (my name is Susan) of trying to figure out how to turn 5+2 into a significantly larger number than 7 in today’s economy. This blog is about my experiments and attempts to turn limited resources into abundance and blessings.

monytreeGenerating resources

By taking advantage of various credit card & bank offers, online deals, store discounts, gift cards, coupons, shopping portals, and promotions, I turned my 5 “talents”  and 2 wallets (my husband and mine) into millions of miles & points from various rewards programs.

Through manufactured spending, stacking discounts, and reselling, I also generated countless gift cards and goods (e.g.,  iPads, laptopmovie ticketsLEGO sets, gas, Disneyland tickets, etc.) at a serious discount, if not free. Many of these items I’ve either sold, given away, or used to acquire more gift cards and goods.

Sometimes banks give me free money for moving my money around, so I attempt to multiply that by trading the financial market (e.g., stocks, options, commodities), then donating to areas of need. Sometimes $1 becomes $12 through various trading, giving, and tax strategies.

Feeding 5,000 people

FPT Gift Box’s vision is to use the proceeds from the reselling and churning to “feed”  5,000+ people — e.g, giving away free gas and groceries, sponsoring kids in developing countries, sending books to Africa, fundraising for local schools & communities, sending terminally ill kids (and their family) to Disneyland, helping a neighbor in need, feeding the homeless, supporting various causes, and other creative ways of paying it forward.

In addition, I hope people can learn “how to fish” by following or coming up with their own “5+2” model.

Contact me

If you’d like to learn more about FPT Gift Box, want to help out, need help with purchases or booking hotels/flights, know of a terminally ill child who wants to go to Disneyland, or have any questions, feel free contact me. I love hearing from my readers!

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