A Tale of 6 iPads

iPad Air 2Over the past month, I’ve sold four iPads (all iPad Air 2) and the funny thing is, I wasn’t even trying to sell them!

It all started when Staples had an incredible deal on iPads. The iPad Air 2 64GB was $150 off at $449 plus tax! At the same time, eBay had a deal for 15% off Staples gift cards. In addition, I also received a targeted 4x eBay Bucks offer equivalent to 8% rebate. On top of that, I had a number of eBay gift cards acquired at close to 14% discount! And it didn’t even end there. United.com shopping portal had an increased payout of 3x miles for eBay purchases AND I also received 5% Staples rewards. The stars were all aligned that day when I decided maybe it was time to upgrade my 5 year old iPad (2nd gen).

So I bought the iPad for about $250 out of pocket!

Now knowing me, I’ll always try to sell it first since I don’t really need another iPad. So I listed the iPad for sale at $500 and sold it immediately! Over the course of the last few weeks, there were several other iPad deals on eBay that coincided with increased 4-5x eBay Bucks offer. They were nowhere as good as the first Staples deal, but anything less than $400 out of pocket for an iPad Air 2 64GB was still great. The Apple Store is still selling them for $599 + tax. So I’d get one and see if I could sell it. If it sold, great. If not, then I’d keep it since I’ll probably need one at some point in time when my 5 year old iPad dies.

Well, after a month, I’ve sold four iPads and I have two more arriving next week. The profit for the first four iPads was about $480 which will go towards FPT Gift Box’s vision of helping kids with severe medical condition/disability. I’ll probably keep the 5th iPad (unless someone wants it for $500) and donate the 6th for a worthy cause.

If I see any more of these iPad deals again, I will absolutely buy more. As we near the holiday season, I’m sure I won’t have any problems selling them. I’m also considering adding a section to my website for people to request my service in acquiring discount goods. That way, the acquisition & sale happen simultaneously and I don’t have to keep an inventory. It’s really a win-win. People get good deals buying from me and I can raise some money to help kids while having fun doing some extreme gift-carding.

That’s what “The FPT (5+2) Model” is all about – turning limited resources into abundance and blessings.

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