$20K Challenge for 100K British Avios Points (Part 2)

BA100kI posted about my $20k challenge to earn 100k British Avios Points a few weeks ago. I signed up for the Chase British Airways credit card and needed to meet $20k spending requirement within the first year.

The offer was:

  • 50,000 bonus Avios after the first $2,000 in purchases within 3 months of approval
  • 25,000 bonus Avios after $10,000 in purchases within the first year
  • 25,000 bonus Avios after $20,000 in purchases within the first year

Well, I’m happy to report that I met the $20k spending requirement, and it took me only three weeks! Matter of fact, most of the $20k were spent at Safeway! The other $1,000 were spent on miscellaneous bills.

Lots and lots of Gap gift cards

Safeway Gap Gift Card OfferSafeway was running a promotion for 20% discount on Gap gift cards. This offer has been around a few times in the past and it has always been a great way to manufacture lots of miles/points. That’s because I can easily sell these Gap gift cards on Raise.com and other gift card exchange sites at near break-even price.

So I used the Chase British Airways card to purchase $19k worth of Gap gift cards! I also had a bunch of prepaid Visa and AMEX gift cards that I needed to liquidate, so in total I spent over $45k at Safeway this month!

In the beginning, there was a glitch in the system and the 20% discount wasn’t showing up in the total amount. I’d show the cashier the coupon on my Safeway app and they’d have to call a manager to come over. Then, it’d take a while for them to figure out what to do and eventually, they’d figure out how to manually enter a “Just for U” coupon for the 20% off. I even know what the code is and would tell them what to do! Thankfully at 10pm at night, there wasn’t much of a line but I still made a few customers behind me unhappy.

Eventually, Safeway fixed the glitch and the 20% discount showed up automatically. That made things easier and I was able to buy a lot more gift cards. Every night after work, after the kids are in bed, I’d do my Safeway run. It took me multiple trips to multiple Safeways over two weeks to acquire $45k worth of Gap gift cards. It was pretty crazy for a while, but I wanted to acquire as many Gap gift cards as I could get my hands on before the offer expired on 10/24. I practically emptied the shelf at 3 different Safeways!

130k Safeway gas points

Safeway 3x Gas RewardsAn unexpected surprise from all the gift card purchases was the 3x gas reward points that I was accumulating! Normally, it’s 2x for gift card purchases but this month, I had a 3x offer on my Safeway card! In addition, the 3x is actually based on the gift card value, not what I paid!

For example, a $100 gift card earned 300 points while it was $80 to purchase.

So in all, I racked up over 130,000 gas reward points! That’s more than 130 fill-ups at Safeway gas stations at $1/gallon discount or 650 fill-ups at Chevron gas stations at $0.20/gallon discount (up to 25 gallons)!

That’s the equivalent of $3,250 worth of free gas!!!!!!! 

Safeway Gas PointsI’ve earned lots of gas reward points in the past, but NEVER have I earned THAT MANY points! I think I earned myself a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most number of gas points earned in one week.

That said, I’ve been giving away the gas points to people who drive big cars or willing to “caravan” through the pump (fill two cars back to back). I started a tracking list of people who have used my gas points, how much money they’ve saved, and asked them to pay it forward in some way. I hope that somehow those $3,000 worth of free gas will turn into manifolds of blessings to many more people.

In Part 3, I’ll report back on the numbers from the Gap gift card sales, all the Avios points earned, money saved on gas, gift cards I’ve given away, and my total haul for this $20k spend on the Chase British Avios credit card offer. I’ll also have more than $20k deposited back into my bank account and will have blessed many, many, many people along the ride. Literally generating abundance out of thin air. The only cost? Time.

That’s what “The FPT (5+2) Model” is all about – turning limited resources into abundance and blessings.

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  3. I am sorry, but looking at Raise as well as other gift card sites, I cannot see how your GAP card was almost a breakeven, even at times you bought a $50 GC for $40. I cannot get it to pencil out at all.

    You state this: “That’s because I can easily sell these Gap gift cards on Raise.com and other gift card exchange sites at near break-even price.”

    Here is my math. Please tell me where I may have gone haywire?

    $50 card bought for $40

    List on raise at their recommended $45.75

    Minus their 15% cut = $6.87

    Means you get $38.89

    That means you are paying $1.11 for 50 points, almost 2 cents a point. This to me is not a good deal.

    Can you please explain how this was not a big expense for your points? I would love to make a way for me to see this makes sense as I have a Safeway very near and that is easier than doing the Wal-Mart GC/Kate hassle.

    • Carl, 15% commission is for non bulk sellers and is very unattractive and unprofitable. I’m a bulk seller so my seller rates are significantly better. Also, when I first sold these Gap gift cards, the market wasn’t as flooded so I was able to sell the bulk of these cards at around 7-8% discount. I was able to make a profit on the cards so the points cost me nothing.

      Now the discount is closer to 11% so this is certainly not attractive especially if you’re not a bulk seller.

      If you plan to sell a lot of gift cards on Raise, I suggest you contact them about becoming a bulk seller.

      Check out this other post I wrote with a breakdown on the profits on these cards.

    • Carl, the other thing you miscalculated and misunderstood is that I didn’t buy the gift cards to earn points from the purchase. I bought $20k gift cards to earn the 100k sign up bonus. In addition, I’ll get the 20k points from the purchases. So even if I couldn’t breakeven, or had non bulk seller rate, the total earnings is 120k Avios points and that’s worth over $2k to me.

  4. Carl,

    While I’m somewhat suspicious of her claims too I know that right now with Raise you can cut the fee to 10% with doctorofcredit’s code + you can get $1.50 for each card under $50 usin TopCashBack. So that gets her closer but I’m wondering if she has an even lower rate as a bulk seller.

    • Yes, you’re correct. Bulk seller rates are much better. You have to show volume per month and I have the volume. I move tens of thousands of cards per month for FPT Gift Box. These Gap gift cards are definitely breakeven, if not profitable. I’m usually happy with breakeven.

      In any case, I’m not doing this for personal gain. The goal of FPT Gift Box is to demonstrate how to find opportunities and generate abundance when others see nothing. See this other post. http://wp.me/p6O8NO-d0

      All proceeds go towards helping others.

      • and on this post, you protest too much. You ARE obviously in this for personal game, coming up with a creative way to manufacture spend to meet a large spending requirement. Have no problems with that, per se, but puhhhhlease, don’t tell us you don’t have any self interest here.

        • typos, sorry…. to much haste. (that was personal “gain” not “game” — dang auto-spell correction !)

          even mentioning the “prosperity gospel” word-of-faith crowd makes the blood boil — and thus perhaps unfairly jaundices my proof-reading lenses.

  5. Pardon the doubters, I’ve been watching and testing too. What must we do to be saved — um, to get the discount power-sellers’s rate at raise.com ?

    Moreover, even if we could get it, occurs to me there’s sharply different interest$ at work between you power sellers and the rest of us… Happens I have two $100 800-flowers gift cards I was thinking to sell. Over the past week, I’d been seeing selling price averaging at around $84 (minus then the 15% commission). Was tempted, but then this morning, somebody (no doubt a “power player”) comes in and is unloading scores of $40 denomination 800 flowers cards for 25% off…. effectively saturating/killing the game for mere mortals.

    I supposed I shouldn’t be surprised, and pardon my seeming cynicism.

    PS: Consider going easy on the scriptural justifications for your business model….. being a juandiced oru grad, you’re bit too close to sounding like a prosperity gospel guru…. the Ken Copeland/Richard Roberts snake charmer types…. the chaps who love to push Luke 6:38, all the while filling their coffers, while draining the accounts of the faithful sheeple.

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