20% Discount on Gap Gift Cards at Safeway

Important update (10/7/2015): Reports have come in that the 20% discount doesn’t get automatically applied when checking out at Safeway, so don’t pay until you request a manager to override the total and apply the 20% discount manually!

Safeway has the “Save 20% Instantly” offer on all Gap Inc gift cards again. This is a great offer if you shop a lot at Gap, Old Navy, or Banana Republic. Or, if you need to meet minimum spend on your credit card, you can become a bulk seller on Raise.com and sell the cards at about break even price. I’ve taken advantage of this offer many times in the past and have bought and sold over $16k worth of Gap Inc gift cards!

Gap Gift CardsToday, I bought $2,000 worth of gift cards, which I have listed on Raise.com. The offer just came out yesterday so the market isn’t flooded with the gift cards yet but will be soon once someone (like me) starts posting about the offer! I’ll likely break even or make ~$20-30 on the gift cards plus earn $1.50 per card if I use TopCashback to link to Raise. I’ll also earn 6% cashback ($96) for using my American Express Blue Cash Preferred card and at least 4,000 Safeway gas rewards (2-3x for gift cards)!

Note: There’s currently a $250 sign up bonus after spending $1000 the first three months. This is an increase from the standard $150 bonus. I don’t have an affiliate link for the AMEX Blue Cash Preferred credit card, but if you’d like to support me, send me a message and I’ll send you a referral email for the card.

Here’s the math:

  • Total for the gift cards (20% discount): $2,000 x 0.8 = $1600
  • AMEX Blue Cash Preferred (6% cashback at grocery stores): $1600 x 0.06 = $96
  • Safeway Gas Rewards (2x for gift cards): $2000 x 2 = 4,000 points  4 fill ups* = up to ~$100 savings on gas depending on the size of your tank
  • Raise: I’ll receive more than $1600 for the gift cards + 15 x $1.50
  • Total out of pocket/profit: $96 + 22.5 =  $118.50 profit with $0 out of pocket cost! And I get to save up to $100 on gas! 

* 1000 points = $1/gallon (up to 25 gallons) discount at Safeway gas stations OR 200 points = $0.20/gallon discount at Chevron gas stations

I usually give my Safeway Gas Rewards away because I drive a 10-gallon Prius. I don’t put much mileage on the car because I bike to work every day, so I’ll let other people save up to $100 on gas! If I scaled this, to say, $10k worth of gift cards, I’d make almost $600 and help others save up to $500 on gas!

This is what “The FPT (5+2) Model” is all about — creating abundance out of something as simple as a Safeway coupon!

You can try this too but the Raise commission for non-bulk sellers is 15% which you won’t be able to break even on the gift cards. If you plan to buy and sell a lot of gift cards, you can contact Raise to become a bulk seller.

Here’s how you can save at least 50% shopping at Gap, Old Navy, or Banana Republic:


  1. Download the Safeway app on your phone and sign in to your Safeway Rewards card.
  2. Go to See All Offers and look under Special Offers to see if you have the Gap 20% discount offer. Add the offer to your card. The offer expires 10/24/2015.
  3. Go to Safeway to buy the Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic gift card(s). You can load $25 to $500 to each card. During checkout, enter your Safeway Rewards card number and the 20% discount is applied to the total (see important update posted at the top).
  4. Pay with a credit card that earns bonus points for groceries.
  5. Sign up for an Ebates  (referral link) or TopCashback (referral link) account so you can earn portal cashback (Ebates = 8%, TCB = 4%) when you make purchases online from Gap, Old Navy, or Banana Republic.
  6. Time your purchase with any store promotion or discount for even more savings!

Here’s the math for $145 worth of items:

  • 30% store promotion: $145 x 0.70   = ~$100 paid with a Gap gift card purchased from Safeway
  • Safeway gift card purchase @ 20% discount: $100 Gap gift card x 0.80 = $80 charged to your credit card
  • Credit card cashback (6%): $80 x 0.06 = $4.8 (if you have an AMEX Blue Cash Preferred)
  • Ebates portal cashback (8%): $100 x 0.08 = $8
  • Safeway Gas Rewards (2x on gift cards): $100 x 2 = 200 points
  • Total out of pocket = $80 – $8 – $4.8 = ~$67 → That’s a 55% savings AND you can save $0.20/gallon on your next fill up at Chevron!

If you want to save even more on your gas at Chevron, consider buying a Chevron gas card from me at up to 10% discount. Use the discount code FPTGIFTBOX during checkout for $5 off your first order (minimum order of $100).

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