12 Cinemark Movie Tickets for $22

cinemarkA few weeks ago, American Express had an AMEX Offer for $20 of $20 at samsclub.com. The deal is already over, but since I just launched the official FPT Gift Box website, I wanted to share some examples from the past of “The FPT (5+2) Model” and how I bought a dozen Cinemark movie tickets for only $22!

The AMEX Offer was basically spend $20 on samsclub.com, pay with an American Express card, and receive $20 statement credit. This was practically free money, so I registered all my American Express credit cards (I had over 20) to the AMEX Offer using the Twitter sync method.

I went to samsclub.com to see what items I could either use, sell, or give away. Since I had many AMEX cards, I planned out how to maximize the amount of goods I could buy while paying the least amount.

cinemark12 x Adult Cinemark Movie Tickets was selling for $16.98.

1 pack = $16.98
2 packs = $33.96
3 packs = $50.94

One pack wouldn’t trigger the $20 statement credit. Two packs meant I’d have to pay $13.96 out of pocket. With 4 tickets, that’s an average of $3.49/ticket which isn’t bad at all, but “The FPT (5+2) Model” can do much better!

Fortunately, you can do a split transaction during checkout, pay with two different credit cards, AND indicate how much you want on each card! So I checked out 3 packs (6 tickets) and did a split transaction — $20 on one AMEX card and $30.94 on another AMEX card with a higher point-earning potential (which in my case was an AMEX SPG). The order triggered the statement credit on both cards, so the actual charge was $0 on the first card and $10.94 on the second card.

That’s $10.94 for 6 tickets → $1.82 per ticket!

I decided to place a second order of 3 packs since these tickets don’t expire and hubby and I love watching movies.

In total, I paid a little less than $22 for 12 movie tickets! Now that’s “The FPT (5+2) Model”!!

For the rest of my AMEX cards, I purchased about $500 worth of Disney gift cards (paid only $88). which I used to buy/sell Disneyland tickets on the Store page. I also sell Disney gift cards (both physical and digital cards) at up to 8% discount if you pay via direct bank transfer and order more than $1000. That’s a nice way to save on all your Disney vacations!

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  1. Did you design this web site? It is very professionally done! Great examples of FPT and I love your mission statement! Keep it up!

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